FX Equine has partnered with Equine Sport Solutions to offer patient lay-up, treatment, and water treadmill/spa services in Rio Verde, Arizona.

Our gym-like facility combines the knowledge of our resident sports medicine veterinarian with state-of-the-art equipment in an effort to send every horse home sound and competition ready.

AquaPacer Plus
We are proud to introduce the AquaPacer Plus, a low impact, high-resistance treadmill and cold salt water spa that provides conditioning and faster recovery from injury. We also incorporate its use with our performance horses to improve overall fitness and condition. The AquaPacer Plus will be available to the public in the Fall of 2021.


Board: $600 per month
AquaPacer Plus: $65 per session. Bundle pricing available.
Rehabilitation packages:Customizable plans are based on the needs of each horse and pricing will vary.

Listed below are just some of the care options we offer.

Aqua treadmill and spa
Vibration therapy plate
Cold laser therapy

Shockwave treatment
Radiograph-guided farriery

For other available sports medicine treatments, inquire with Dr. Factor.